Sports massage

It is intended for athletes and physically active people and is practiced immediately after exercise or physical effort, in order to avoid the deposition of toxins.


What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a specific type of treatment that includes special therapeutic procedures aimed at faster and more complete preparation of athletes for training. Sports massage enables both the intensification and prolongation of the training time and the increase of sports power.

Sports massage can be used before or after a sport or other physical activity. The biggest advantage that sports massage can provide is its use with the goal of recovery after exercise and other physical activities.


How is a Sports massage performed?

It is performed with deep massage grips, and several massage techniques can be used. The movements are faster and more intense than in Relax massage. Sports massage achieves the effect of opening pores and expelling lactic acid and waste products, and at the same time supplies nutrients and oxygen.


When is Sports massage applied?

The basic function of the treatment is not to relax, but to prevent injuries and increase sports opportunities.

Sports massage is an effective treatment, especially after training, long-term strain, and muscle force. Due to excessive muscle work, lactic acid accumulates, which causes muscle tension and pain. By applying professional sports massage, you can repair the most common sports injuries, such as tennis elbow, swimming shoulder, jumping knee, and many others. However, sports massage is also recommended when there are no specific injuries because prevention is the most important thing in maintaining the health of your body.


When is Sports massage recommended?

The main goal of sports massage is:

  • fast and complete preparation of the athlete for training
  • intensification and extension of the training time and increase of sports power
  • massage removes all undesirable or harmful consequences faster and more completely, due to increased physical activity
  • preparation of the whole organism, or individual parts of the body for enduring extreme psychophysical loads in competitive sports.


What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

  • You feel less pain and tension in the muscles
  • Improving circulation and faster delivery of nutrients to muscle tissue.

The end result of a sports massage is a reduction in tension and relief of pressure on exhausted parts of the body.

Sports massage also has deep psychological benefits: it relieves depression, lifts mood and reduces anxiety, calms the mind, and improves sleep.

Going for a sports massage on a weekly basis during periods of exhaustion will make sure that your muscles are nourished through their stretching.

Sports massage will also help raise your mood and be ready and motivated to return to daily activities.

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