Why everyone should have a face massage?

“Sometimes you have to just let go…. and have a masssage day!”

Face massage is the essential beauty routine of celebs who have managed to escape the
passage of time without surgery, and there are many ways to do it.

As important as a good beauty treatment, face massage is a basic technique to improve the
firmness of the skin and reshape the facial. Not only does the back need a massage from time
to time to relieve tension and stay in top shape; stimulation of the muscles and skin of the face
is very important for a healthier appearance. With a facial massage the appearance of the skin
improves considerably, it is a powerful anti-aging weapon.

Among its many benefits, a face massage improves lymphatic drainage and tones the skin,
preparing it to better assimilate the active ingredients that you apply later, which is why many
of the celebrities who have managed to dodge the passage of time without surgery confess that
they are unconditional of this technique. Among others, 90's supermodel Cindy Crawford, who
continues to impress when she walks the runway.


What is a facial massage and how does it work?

Facial massage, as its name suggests, is a technique applied with the hands that are normally
carried out together with the application of different products. The area of ​​action is located on
the face, and sometimes on the neck, with the aim of providing both relaxation and circulation-
activating effects. By pressing on different points of our face, we manage to stimulate its
muscles, releasing tension and improving tissue circulation.

In this way, massage can reactivate collagen production, which will obviously have a
rejuvenating effect on your face. Face massage differs from body massage in that in the first
case, the pressure must be adapted to the sensitivity of an area such as the face. In this sense,
there are two types of pressure: circulation stimulators, which help transport oxygen and
nutrients to the skin, improving the general appearance of the face; and relaxing pressures,
which helps us to eliminate the tension in the muscles which, in turn, are responsible for the
the appearance of stress wrinkles.


What are the benefits of a face massage?

It is clear that facial massage can have an incredible impact on the appearance of your face.
However, what is all its benefits?

  • Rejuvenation of your face: through the pressures that activate circulation and oxygenate
    it’s surface.
  • Increase collagen production: which in turn prevents the premature appearance of
  • Reduce the effects of stress: as it is a relaxing treatment, you will get rid of the visible
    effects of stress on your face that are so detrimental to its external appearance.
  • Improve mood: thanks to this type of massage, you will be able to feel better about
    yourselves, while being more relaxed and lively.

Face massage certainly can:

  • relaxes the muscles of the face
  • improves circulation in the face area
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • tones muscles and relieves tension

All of these effects contribute to a rejuvenated and fresh appearance. At the same time, by
stimulating the circulatory system, the massage ensures that nutrients and oxygen are better
transported throughout the skin, which helps the face look healthier, brighter, and smoother.

After 30, our skin is increasingly suffering the ravages of time. The body produces less collagen,
causing wrinkles to appear all over the place. The skin of the face acquires an increasingly
flaccid and dull appearance, losing luminosity and aging at a faster rate. But although the aging
of our face is something that we will all have to go through in the future, there are different
treatments that can efficiently slow down the process, making our skin stay much younger for
longer. One of the most effective anti-age treatments is facial massage.


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