Why summer is the perfect time for massage?

“Massage is spending quality time with yourself.”

Trips from here to there, swimming in the sea, long walks, running after children…Yes, we are already fully into summer! A time to enjoy but in which we often tend to forget a little about ourselves.

However, the summer months are when the body needs more massages.

We always hear about putting on sunscreen, drinking lots of water, etc. during the summer. Those things are still important, but we must remember our whole bodies too, muscles are essential.

So, there is no doubt that summer is a perfect time and opportunity to enjoy a massage.

You may not realize it, but your body might need it more than ever.


Why a summer massage?

During the summer, more than ever, you are busy with a thousand plans and activities. The children are at home and they need you to take them to all their activities. Walks, picnics, and trips to the park become your routine. “Your time” should not be put on hold just because it is summer. You are also the priority during the summer months. Take time and take care of yourself!

The cold months are long gone and you have been filling your summer with activities. Maybe you have a gift for gardening, water sports, walking, swimming, or anything else that involves a lot of movement. Your winter activities may have been much less mobile, so your muscles could be experiencing a change of pace. It is common to feel more tired and sore during this season and for this reason, these are some benefits of massage in the summer that will help you improve your physical condition.

Many people are more physically active in the summer when the good weather makes it easy to be outdoors. Whether you choose to run, swim, play golf, go on a family outing, or play organized sports, you’re likely to be more active this time of year. High activity can cause strains and pulls even if you stretch properly and stay hydrated.


What are the benefits of massage in the summer?

Now that we’ve established the importance of a massage in the summer, let’s discuss the benefits. First of all, that lactic acid buildup needs to be taken care of. When your body is full of knots, you don’t feel strong enough for anything. No one likes to feel pain or feel inactive. Get the muscle fiber buildup to work, and you’ll start feeling like a new person. It won’t be so painful to bend over for hours to work in your garden or go backpacking for days or camping in the mountains.

Massage can help ease the pain of problems and make them less likely to occur.

Massages help your muscles stay flexible and reduce inflammation.

You are just so much more physically involved during this time of year. When we use our muscles at work or exercise, lactic acid builds up (which is normal). When we don’t take care of this, we can experience pain and reduced mobility. This eventually develops into “knots” which are also painful. This is exactly why you need to make sure that you are taking care of your body.

Summer can be particularly stressful for some people. One of the great benefits of massage is that it reduces stress. Your body will release endorphins and dopamine. Massage reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, lowers blood pressure, and lowers heart rate. The massage clears your thinking and allows you to stay on top of everything you need to do without feeling so much stress. Even going once every month or two can have brain-boosting benefits.

When summer is coming to an end, a massage will feel great. It will prepare you for the coming fall and winter. You won’t have those sore muscles, but a happy body thanking you for taking the time for a summer massage that will leave you refreshed and ready.


Final word

The truth is that there is no bad time to receive a massage. However, summer is one of the busiest times of the year. Plans and activities seem to fill every square on the calendar, leaving you little time for a physical therapy massage. Massage doesn’t just make you feel great, it’s like medicine for your muscles and tendons. After all the hard work, you definitely deserve a physical therapy massage bonus.

Therefore, receiving a massage will always help you relax your muscles, promote blood circulation in a more satisfactory way, and, ultimately, get rid of nerves and stress. Remember that your time should not remain in the background, just because it is summer.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Put yourself in the best hands! It is always a good time to give yourself a good massage to help you feel better. Make your appointment and improve your physical and emotional well-being.

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